General Questions about AMP

AMP (American Muslim Partnership) is a nonprofit organization with a focus on building broad-based prosperity for all through collaboration, education and service. (see About AMP)

Three reasons. First. We thought there were way too many nonprofits…so we created another one. Kind of kidding, but not really. Although there are so many amazing organizations, none were focused solely on facilitating team work between all of them which, trust us, is a full time job.

Second. We got sick of people getting the American Muslim story all wrong, so we decided to tell it ourselves.

Third. In this day and age, there are some incredible resources out there, but who has time to find them? We do. You’re welcome.

Joining AMP is just for those who want to be added to our email listserv to get information about our events and opportunities. We don’t spam and we don’t share your information. So JOIN AMP today!

Becoming an AMP Partner is for individuals, businesses, and other companies that want to become more involved with AMP by participating in events and being included on our website. Our corporate partners build mutually beneficial relationships with us and provide their support. Become an AMP PARTNER!